Use the Right Colors for Your Banner

Get help from a custom design printing company in Victoria, TX

Ever notice how nearly every fast food company uses red and yellow for their logo? It’s not just a coincidence; colors make a big impact on your message in marketing and advertising. Whether you’re designing a business logo or trying to draw attention to a local event, using the right vinyl banner colors will help you create a successful campaign.

If you’re not sure what colors to use, Rapid Printing & Designs can help. We’re a dedicated custom design printing company based in Victoria, TX. Our team can teach you how to make your vinyl banners more effective using colors like…

Yellow – A bright color that catches people’s attention. It’s also known to promote feelings of optimist and warmth.

Red – Commonly used to make people feel hungry, red is also a bold and youthful color that can make a message more powerful.

Blue – One of the primary cool colors, blue evokes a feeling of calmness that can help your business appear more trustworthy and dependable.

Purple – This traditional color is used for royalty. Your banner will look more creative by taking advantage of purple.

Green – When you want to promote feelings of nature, growth and health, green is an easy choice.

Gray – The most neutral color, gray will help you send a message calmly and give your banner a professional appearance.

Orange – While it’s often associated with the fall season, orange is a cheerful and confident color that can grab anyone’s attention.

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